Friday, March 6, 2015

Lava Splash Pad

With the extra cold temperatures we had at the end of December, we started going a little stir crazy sitting in the house day after day. It was just way to cold to even go outside and play in the snow. I had heard about the Splash Pad in Lava Hot Springs, but we've never taken Ryker there so we made a date out of it.

I'm so glad we went! If you haven't gone, do! You will not to sorry. He was stand offish at first, but warmed up pretty quickly. He wanted to follow kids around and splash around the toys. Once he found the slide, that is where we stayed. He wanted so badly to be like the big kids and go up the stairs, but he isn't big enough just yet for that, he had to settle for mom and dad putting him on the slide the easy way. 

He looks terrified, but this is mid squeal of joy!

He is such a little fish. I honestly don't know where he gets it. Scott and I aren't water people in any sense of the word. Scott handles it better than I do, but I appreciate the ground far more than the water. I think I'm going to look into swimming lessons for Ryk this summer because he seriously loves the water. I am so glad he isn't afraid of it naturally.

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  1. So Cason came home from work the other day and was like, "I heard on the radio about some splash pad in Lava?" I hadn't heard of it either until your blog post- we will likely take the kids, mine love water too! Thanks for the pictures, now we will know what to expect! :)